LAST UPDATED: 05/22/23
Fishing at Summer Village's Long-Sought-For-Pond
Summer Village at the Pond is located on the shores of beautiful Long-Sought-For-Pond.  This one hundred five acre spring-fed pond average twelve feet in depth and reaches a maximum depth of thirty feet.  The pond is generally stocked twice a year (both in the spring and the fall) with rainbow trout, brown trout, and/or brook trout by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. 
The pond is also known to support a diverse population of warm water species, including: carp, chain pickerel, black crappie, golden shiners, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, brown bullhead, bluegill, white perch, and yellow perch.  Please fish (with a legal Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fishing license) only from designated areas along the shore, and do not clean the fish in the lake or in common areas.  The Long-Sought-For-Pond Association treats the pond as needed for Milfoil and other invasive vegetation to preserve the life of the pond.  Notices are posted during treatment.
2023 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Freshwater Fishing License Fees:
Resident Freshwater Fishing:  $29.50*
Resident Minor Freshwater Fishing (Age 15-17)*:  FREE
Resident Freshwater Fishing Age (Age 65-69)*:  $14.75
Resident Freshwater Fishing (Age 70 or over)*:  FREE
Non-Resident Freshwater Fishing:  $39.50*
Non-Resident Freshwater Fishing (3 day)*:  $23.30
Resident Freshwater Fishing (3 day)*:  $12.50
Non-Resident Minor Freshwater Fishing (Age 15-17)*:  $7.10
You can buy a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fishing License online via the Department of Fish and Game's Website:
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