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Preferred Attorneys

The following is a list of Attorneys who have represented Summer Village buyers in the purchase of their cottage home and are familiar with pertinent documentation and requirements of the Sellers attorney.  This following attorney names and contact information is provided as a courtesy listing of local attorneys who are available to close at or near to Summer Village.  This list is provided for information purposes only and does not represent an endorsement by the Seller.  You may also want to consider other service providers not referenced on this list.

Atty. Justin McCarthy, P.C                                                    Atty. Angela Harkness
285 Littleton Road,                                                                  285 Littleton Road, Suite 7
Westford MA                                                                          Westford MA
Tel. 978.692.3211                                                                   Tel.  978.692.9170                                    
                                                                                                Note: Not on the list to close for JDCU
Atty. Brian Sullivan                                                               Atty. James A. Hall                                        
5 North Road                                                                          Qua, Hall, Harvey & Walsh
Chelmsford, MA  01824                                                         25 Fletcher Street
Tel. 978.250.4600                                                                   Chelmsford, MA  01824
                                                                                                Tel.  978.250.4255 

Any legal questions should be addressed by the Buyers attorney and made to the attention of the
Sellers Attorney:
Atty. Philip Eliopoulos
18 North Road
Chelmsford MA  01824
Telephone: 978.250.3800
Fax: 978.244.0007


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