LAST UPDATED: 01/19/22
We have Summer Village ­owned sunfish sailboats available at the beach for use by cottage owners and their guests.  Owners are also welcome to bring their own boats. 
Guests of Owners or registered renters who have signed the Boat Use Policy may check out a specific Summer Village Boat and pick up a key to that Summer Village Boat at the Gatehouse.  The Owner is responsible for their guests use, care, and return of all boating equipment.  Management will keep an up­dated list by cottage address of Owners (and their Guests and Renters) who have signed the Boat Use Policy.  Anyone whose name is not on the list will have to sign that form (available in the Gatehouse and the Management Office) before checking out any Summer Village Boat. 
The person checking out a Summer Village Boat must sign the log with the names of all persons going out in any Summer Village Boat (and the age of minors under age 18).  The person who checks out the Summer Village Boat must sign out at the Gatehouse after the Summer Village Boat and equipment have been cleaned and secured and return the key.  There is a three ­hour limit on the use of Summer Village Boats, which begins when the Summer Village Boat is signed out. 
If a Summer Village Boat and it's equipment (life preservers and paddles) are not returned and properly put away, cleaned as necessary, locked up, and the key returned to the Gatehouse within the three ­hour time limit, a $100 fine will be imposed on the Owner.  There is a boat house key on the key ring for each Summer Village Boat.  Please lock the boat house after you have taken equipment you need.
Life jackets must be worn by all.
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